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10 % Transaction fee + 5% payment processing fee

When you sell an item, there's a small commission and standard payment processing fee.

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RAW pays to advertise your items across the web to get you more sales.

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We've partnered with Flutterwave to ensure bank level security and fraud detection.

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Increase conversion, boost sales and delight customers by using RAW FOODS. We handle the back and forth from customers, the orders, the payment and delivery. So you can focus on creating great products for your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

It is free to join and list items. You only pay when you make a sale.

We charge a platform fee of 10% for every transaction made on RAW. This covers the credit card processing fees and the running of the platform. You can sell commission free by adding your store link to your social media pages and sharing your promo code.

How do I get paid?

You will receive an order confirmation message when a customer places an order on RAW, all the payment including shipping costs will be made directly on the platform, please do not ask the customer to pay extra charges.

You will receive customer information via email and also in your seller account which should be used solely for shipping purposes, mark the item as complete when you've sent out the item, you can also add a note to the customer about the order.

Request a withdrawal from your seller dashboard, we will contact the customer to confirm delivery and make payment directly to your bank account entered in the payment section of your dashboard within 24- 48 hours. Please ensure your bank details are correct.

How do I add a product?

Step 1. Click on Become a vendor

Step 2: Fill out your company information

Step 3: Also fill out your personal information, then click ADD

Step 4: Click on the PRODUCT box

Step 5: Click on physical .

Step 6: Fill in all your product information.

Your Product name, Brand, Inventory, then click on ADD.

Fill in your product price.

Step 7: Click on upload product image to upload your product pictures

Step 8: If you like to upload more products picture, you can add more, then click on finish

Fill in all the details, Color, Size, Weight, Count in pack, Material.

Then click on finish.

Step 9: All your items can be seen and edited here, ensure stock levels are up-to-date.

To edit, click on Inventory.

Click on your product.

Click on edit

Then if you like to make some changes to your product, click on any of these information.

Who handles shipping?

You will be responsible for shipping the item to the customer.

Help when you need it

We’re committed to helping our sellers grow, with support and education whatever your shop size.

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Reach our support staff by email or request a phone call whenever you have a question. Click the link at the bottom right to talk to us.

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Learn best practices for your business with our always-updating Seller Handbook.

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